Our Teachers

Dream Team

Amaliya Shelkov

Education : Samarkand school of music and art 2016y, Professional College of light industry economic 2017y.

Amaliya Shelkov Canadian artist "painter, modernist. She began her journey from deep childhood, from a young age she was fond of creativity (drawing, modeling, creating sculptures). After Amaliya realized that her favorite pastime was creating beautiful "paintings" she continued her studies in the field of drawing. Amaliya graduated from art school and always continued to improve and create works of art.

She keeps attention for improving of drawing skills of her students and always kind and fun.

In her works, she uses various materials, such as: oil, acrylic, texture paste,sculpture paste gold and silver sheets, using a variety of brushes, and palette knives. With the use of these tools she creates her art work. Much attention is paid to the quality of the paintings, it is very important that all working tools of the paint are of high quality and fit perfectly on the surface of the canvas.

Amalia's works

Diana Mavlyanova

Education : York University, Toronto, ON ( Bachelor of Art )

Artist specializing in painting portraits using oil paints as well as other mediums such as acrylic and watercolor. Her art is characterized by a vivid use of color, an eye for detail, and a keen sense of emotion and expression.

Beyond her passion for creating art, she also has a love for teaching and inspiring others to express themselves through painting. Her art lessons are focused on teaching the basics of design and color theory, as well as the technical aspects of painting. Through her teaching, she hope to inspire a love of art in children and give them the tools they need to pursue their passion for painting. Diana believes that everyone has the potential to be an artist and by providing the tools and guidance, Diana can help them unlock their creative potential.

Diana's works

Our Location

We are located on the second floor of 14 Oxford Street Unit 201C Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C 4L5. The main intersection is Elgin Mills and Younge street. There is also a large parking lot near our plaza